About Us

JR Wetlands Outfitters is a waterfowl hunting outfitters that purchases and/ or leases properties for the purpose of waterfowl hunting. JRWO is owned and operated by Joshua M. White and Ryan Burnham. Josh grew up hunting and fishing on and around Walpole Island.

The primary objective of JRWO is to provide each member and guests the opportunity to hunt waterfowl safely in a natural environment, while maintaining the highest ethical standards in conservation and wildlife management.

JRWO currently holds a 15-year lease on 2200 acres of wetlands named “Mallard Point”, located within the Walpole Island First Nation territory in Ontario, Canada, more specifically the southern end of Squirrel Island between the Bassett and Chematogan Rivers.

Hunting will be done out of blinds, boat blinds, and ground blinds.

Waterfowl Flyways Map